Don’t Be the Result of a Rookie Mistake

Many people say, “That will never happen to me”, and it’s not until “that” tragic moment happens to one of their loved ones when they realize that no one is immune to accidents. With an increase in drunk driving related accidents and DUIs, many people have become victims of rookie mistakes that are made behind the bar.

Imagine driving home late after work and as you wait at the red light, someone leaving a local bar drives into the back of your car at 40 miles per hour due to their impaired judgment of the distance between you and their car. As you awaken 1 day later in the hospital with the lights of the medical operating room creating haloed images of doctors trying to save your life, you try to remember how you got there. You remember sitting at the intersection and remember the crashing sound of your car being hit and glass shattering around you but still can’t figure out how it all happened.

Well earlier that day a corporate executive attended a happy hour at a very busy local bar. Surrounded by colleagues and friends, this corporate executive was buying rounds of drinks while enjoying the down time after a hard day’s work. With a packed bar, the bartender was excited at the potential of earning big tips that day and stopped paying attention to who he was serving and how much he had served. After looking at his watch, the corporate executive remembered that he needed to get home to attend his son’s school play at 7:30. As he rushed and stumbled out of the bar, he tipped the bartender and the bartender bid him farewell and thanked him for the big tip. Rushing to the school play, the corporate executive didn’t realize how fast he was going nor did he have full use of his motor skills due to his apparent intoxication. Just when he looked down to grab his cell phone to call his wife to tell her he would be late, you were hit by his car going 40 miles per hour. Later that night the police went to the bar that the corporate executive was drinking. The police officers arrested the bartender that served the corporate executive his drinks and in their investigation they learned that the bartender had no formal training and was a little overwhelmed with the crowd of people at happy hour that day. The police stated that the bartender was excited about his tips and thought that if he kept serving the corporate executive that he would get a bigger tip. The bartender relayed a message to you and asked the police officer to send his apologies for being the cause of you now being paralyzed for the rest of your life.

Don’t become a victim of a rookie mistake. Your donation to BADD can help save someone’s life or even your own. Donate now! Thanking you in advance for helping save a life.

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