BADD Walks in the St. Patty’s Day Parade

 [Dallas, TX - March 17, 2012]
The Lower Greenville St. Patty’s Day Parade is the largest parade in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with 100,000+ participants year after year! BADD’s mission this year was to walk in the parade to serve as a reminder to those 100,000 people that it’s okay to drink, but don’t drive. Partnering with Training Institute of America – TABC Instructor, Andy Gonzales as well as LegalShield representative, Brett Powers, eight members of BADD walked 1.75 miles passing out BADD Safe Cards to parade participants which featured the number for 1-800-TAXI-CAB to ensure that everyone had a safe ride home this year.   Many people in the crowd shouted “Bless You” and “Thank You” to the BADD members as they were either victims of a drunk driving related accident or had a family member or friend that was killed by a drunk driver.

BADD is very thankful to Mark Cuban, who personally contributed $40,000 to keep this parade from being cancelled this year.  Thanks to Mark Cuban, BADD was able to spread its message this year in an attempt to save lives.

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While BADD does not advocate the over-consumption of alcohol, BADD is in support of drinking responsibly and serving responsibly.   Bartenders have as much moral and legal obligation to those they serve as does the consumer of the alcoholic beverages.   BADD continues to fight against the drunk driving by practicing accountability on the job to ensure that their customers don’t become statistics.  The $10 tip is just not worth 10 years in jail.

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