BADD Sponsors Safe Ride Home Program

[Addison, TX - December 28, 2011]
BADD’s mission is to promote awareness of safely serving alcohol to the public and reconfirm the two-way partnership between the bartender or server and the consumer of the alcohol.  During the Christmas holidays, members of BADD dedicated their time to visiting 17 restaurants and bars in Plano, Frisco and Addison and speaking with bar managers and bartenders about how they plan to help prevent drunk driving and potentially reducing drunk driving related deaths on New Years Eve.   During each visit, members of BADD provided a few T-Shirts for the bartenders to wear as well as Safe Cards which both contained the 1-800-TAXI-CAB number on them as a reminder to provide customers with a safe ride home. Some of the restaurants that BADD members visited that were extremely supportive were Houlihan’s, Cyclone Anaya, Black Finn, Sherlock’s Pub, Irish Rover, 1st & 10 Sports Bar & Grill, Down Under Pub, Alan Wickers, The End Zone, Urban Crust, Champps, Sambucca 360 and Duke’s Roadhouse – Addison, although Duke’s Roadhouse in Plano was not supportive at all.

While visiting two Plano, TX based restaurants, the Plano Star Newspaper showed their support by accompanying the BADD members and providing a full report on the front page of the newspaper.   Click here to read the full article. We would like to thank 1-800-TAXI-CAB, a national consortium, for partnering with BADD on our efforts.   We would also like to thank Bill Conrad and Kelley Chambers for providing the full story and helping BADD spread the awareness and helping us save lives!  

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