What should I do if one of my biggets tippers needs to be cut off? I don’t want to make him mad and lose one of my best customers.

Remember, to cut someone off is to save someone’s life. Is a $20 tip worth the potential lose of a loved one? They will actually appreciate you more for helping them make the right decision and they may tip you more the next time. If they are with a friend, insist that the friend drive your customer home.


What can I do if the intoxicated customer is at the bar by themselves and they are not able to function when they are ready to leave the bar?

Offer to call a family member, friend or taxi service to drive the customer home. If they decline, don’t be afraid to call the police if necessary. It’s not worth risking their life or putting others in danger when you can make 1 phone call to prevent someone from losing a life.


What if the customer shows up and you can tell they have already been drinking?

Never serve a customer if they are showing obvious signs of intoxication. Offer them an appetizer or a meal to delay time and allow them to sober up.


How can I tell if someone is intoxicated?

Alcohol causes people to have delayed reaction time of the body. Look for slurred speech, glazed eyes, slowed blinking of the eyese, overly friendly/physical contact, and stumbling when standing or walking.

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Always check with your local laws as they pertain to the sell or service of alcohol to the general public. Bottom line, be smart and use common sense. It will keep you out of jail and save lives.