The Importance of Hiring Certified Bartenders

For restaurants and bars, having the right staff is incredibly important. Your establishment will only be as successful as your servers – while people will come for the food and drinks you serve, it’s the quality of the service that sets a good establishment apart from a great one. Obviously, that means you need to make sure those you hire are outgoing, fun and have a great sense of customer service. However, it also means that you need to hire certified bartenders. Why is certification important? Why does it matter to your business?

Understanding Certification for Bartenders

In the past, bartenders didn’t really need much in the way of formal education. All they really had to do was be willing to learn how to mix drinks, have the right personality to serve your patrons and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. The golden rule was that bartenders and servers be dedicated to providing the best possible customer service to get those patrons to come back time and again. However, there’s more to the situation today. Hiring certified bartenders and servers is incredibly important.

Having certification means that a bartender has gone through a qualified bartending school. These schools teach much more than just how to mix drinks, though. They teach skills necessary to provide outstanding customer service in a high-pressure environment and how to protect your establishment against drunk driving charges.

How Can Your Business Be Threatened by Drunk Drivers?

If you own a bar or restaurant, then you have no doubt heard of the increasing number of establishments being held responsible for over serving patrons who leave the establishment and have an auto accident. Drunk driving is a complex situation with no single party wholly at fault. It is certainly the drunk driver’s fault for getting behind the wheel, but your establishment can be held responsible for over serving the person and making it possible for the accident to happen in the first place.

By hiring bartenders with certification from a quality bartending school, you help build protection against these cases from happening in the first place. One of the most important things learned in bartending school is how to recognize the signs of over serving and how to stop serving a patron who is on their way to having “too much”. Certified bartenders understand their level of responsibility here and hold themselves accountable for the patrons they serve.

Doing Your Part to Stop Drunk Driving

You need to be able to do your part to stop drunk driving. Short of not selling alcohol, the best way to do that is to employ certified bartenders who understand that serving their customers best does not always mean “one more round”. It means knowing how to avoid potentially costly and even life-threatening mistakes that can impact your business. It means knowing when and how to “cut off” a customer and reducing your social and legal liability. However, it’s your responsibility to hire servers with the education required to do all this.

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