A Formal Education Helps Stop Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a problem in every state of the nation. Increasingly, local and state authorities are cracking down on the problem with harsher and harsher laws – some of which even make it the establishment and bartender’s responsibility. For those looking to enter this career, this situation can make it somewhat less appealing. However, if you are thinking twice about a career as a bartender, you should know that there are ways that you can mitigate this situation and even do your part to help stop drunk driving.

Is It Really the Bartender’s Fault?

You might be wondering how anyone could hold the bartender responsible for drunk driving. You’re just doing your job, after all. How can someone hold you responsible for actions taken by another individual once they leave the bar? Actually, it is your actions that make it possible for someone to drive drunk in the first place. New laws on the books in many states make “over serving” a crime. If one of your patrons leaves your bar or restaurant drunk and is involved in an accident, the establishment can be held responsible, and you can also be named personally responsible.

A Formal Education Helps Curb Drunk Driving Accidents

The best way to ensure that you are able to both enjoy this rewarding career and do your part to stop drunk driving is to have a firm knowledge base on which to build. The only way to develop that knowledge base is to have a formal education from a bartending school. How can a bartending school help? You’ll learn a lot of different things in school, and not all of it is geared toward mixing drinks.

Of course, you will learn the science of mixology. You will learn more about how to deal with the fast pace and high pressure environment in which you’ll work. You’ll learn how to provide good customer service as well. However, you will also learn more about your responsibilities as a bar tender and how your actions and inactions can affect the lives of those who might never set foot in your restaurant or bar. You will learn more about being accountable for your actions and how you can serve your customers best by being a responsible bartender.

Choose the Right School

Of course, not all bartending schools focus on helping their students curb drunk driving. In fact, many schools focus only on developing mixology skills and the physical ins and outs of bartending. You will need to make sure that the bartending school that you choose is part of the growing initiative toward personal responsibility and accountability within the industry. The right school will go far beyond providing an alcohol awareness program.

Doing your part to stop drunk driving (and protecting yourself from the ramifications of over serving) will require that you choose a bartending school about the entire customer service experience. It will teach you about the dangers of over serving your customers, how to tell the danger signs of over serving and much more.

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