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Mission & Vision

BADD, headquartered in Plano, TX, was founded in 2011 to aid in the fight against drunk driving by formally educating aspiring bartenders on how their service to the general public can affect the lives of others through scholarships to attend Bartending School.

We do not condone the over consumption of alcohol. However, we advocate drinking responsibly and serving responsibly...it's a two-way partnership between the bartender or server and the consumer of the alcohol.

Our MISSION is to aid in the fight against drunk driving and reduce alcohol related deaths & injuries through educating bartenders and cocktail servers on how they play a critical role in minimizing irresponsible and or irrational behaviors by preventing intoxication and being responsible and accountable.

BADD is a national organization and will provide scholarships to aspiring bartenders who are passionate about our mission and who would like to attend a bartending school of choice.


With an educational focus, BADD hopes to aid in the overall decrease in alcohol related injuries and deaths by:

Encouraging bar and restaurant owners to enforce the importance of their employees obtaining formal bartending certification PRIOR TO becoming a bartender

Providing scholarships for aspiring bartenders to obtain formal bartending certification at a BADD school of choice

Participating in and sponsoring community events to showcase the organization’s mission

Increasing general membership through membership drives and strategic partnerships

These goals can only be accomplished through the support of bartenders, bar managers and owners, bartending schools and the general public.

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Moral Obligations

As a bartender or server you are involved and you have a moral obligation to take care of the people you serve and profit from. When people drink excessively, they lose the ability to make good decisions as well as their reflexes and you help them get that way. You also have an obligation to protect innocent people from any harm that the customer you over-served might cause before he/she sobers up. A little effort on your part can really make a difference. How would you feel if one of your customers drove drunk and killed one of your family members. Be responsible. Be accountable.

Legal Obligations

In North America, when a lawsuit is filed against a bar or restaurant and over service is the claim, the bartender or server will be personally liable also. Check your local liquor laws or ask your local police department for applicable laws in your area. You can be held personally responsible and may go to JAIL.