The Bartender’s Challenge

Responsibility. Accountability. Principles

These principles are not rocket science, but it takes courage to step up and be responsible and accountable. Following these principles ensures success behind the bar and prevents bartenders from ending up behind bars.

The B.A.D.D. Motto

Bartenders Against Drunk Driving must Be Accountable, Disciplined and Dedicated.

We understand that one of the ways to get bigger tips is to be overly generous with the alcohol. However, there are a ton of other ways to earn bigger tips than over-serving a customer. Bartending is really about having personality and how you make your customers feel. Bottom line, you really need to ask yourself, “Is this $20 tip worth me risking their lives or even my own life?” Here are a few tips on how to be responsible without comprimising your tips and income.

Responsible Bartenders Can Help By:

* Offering to call a family member, friend, taxi or assisted driving service to get their customer home safely
* Not being afraid to call the police if necessary
* Encouraging the sober friend to drive the intoxicated friend home
* Have taxi services waiting in the parking lot of the establishment
* Stop serving the guest if they need to be cut off and before they become intoxicated
* Offering an appetizer or a meal with high fat content to allow more time to sober up

Get Educated

No matter how responsible, it is important to know that bartenders are a public pharmacists. Alcohol is a legal drug that bartenders serve to the public. Similar to medical drug pharmacist, bartenders should be formally trained prior to stepping behind the bar. Get educated on the affects of alcohol on the human body, how to serve safely and the signs to look for when customers may be close to intoxication.

An Unmistakable Relationship between Bartenders and Drunk Driving

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